Meet the new Administrative Assistant for SPLO


Courtesy of Robin Lancaster

Robin Lancaster, New Administrative Assistant of SPLO

As you may know, SPLO (Student Programs, Leadership, & Orientation) works to give diverse opportunities for students on campus to connect with all the different clubs and organizations across campus and want you to make the most out of your college experience here.
We have recently gained a new Administrative Assistant in this department. Robin Lancaster is happy to have filled this position. Lancaster used to work at Framingham State before she came to Roger as a receptionist. She was in charge of putting out the event newsletters as well as supervising and hiring the work-study students.
“I was theoretically familiar with student programs and leadership because of working at Framingham State. So I could bring some theoretical knowledge.” Now part of her job here, with us, is working with the work-study students.
This is Lancaster’s third week as the Administrative Assistant; these were her thoughts so far, “There are a lot of systems here [RWU] that are very different…just trying to get all the new stuff down.” She also added, “Everyone has been great with helping out and I’ve already gotten a couple of tasks down pat. I think it has been going really well.”
With it being so early in her journey here, she has a lot to look forward to.
“I am most looking forward to learning all 50-60 work-study student names and faces and I’m really excited for the events coming up that the department sponsors…also finally getting my feet wet enough that I can be an advantage to the department.”
Lancaster has done similar work and is ready for new opportunities to use her skills to bring something new to the table.
“I’d like to come up with a training outline for our new work-study students so that the training is consistent, and also I can learn as well…other than that I’m just trying to get used to the job.”
It will be very exciting to see what Lancaster does in the future with her excitement for new opportunities, previous experience as well as willingness to learn all the new things that Roger has thrown at her already in the last three weeks.