RWU block party highlights

Jen Campisi

Features Editor

What could be better than the combination of beautiful spring weather and a free carnival?

Crowds of students flocked to the parking lot alongside North Campus Residence Hall on Saturday, April 29, where they were greeted with music, amusement rides, carnival treats, food trucks, and more. According to a statement made by Vice President of Student Life John King, the “spirited block party” was attended by over 2,000 students throughout the course of the day.

The statement also included that “student cooperation, responsibility, and bystander intervention was impressive as evidenced by the following: 0 students removed from events, 0 students transported for intoxication, and no student arrests – a trifecta first at Roger during Spring Week.”

The block party was hosted by Roger Williams University’s own Campus Entertainment Network (CEN).

Cotton candy, funnel cake, and Del’s lemonade slushies were commonly seen in students’ hands, in addition to prizes from free games such as the soccer kick or basketball. Upper Commons even closed down Saturday evening to invite students to take advantage of a cookout behind the carnival.

Hawks had the opportunity to make some fun memories before the stress of finals week and exams quickly approaches. After an eventful Spring Week filled with musicians, comedy, trips, and nautical-themed activities, getting to relax on a Saturday afternoon was much needed.

“[The carnival] was a great way to de-stress before we have to worry about finals,” said freshman Tory Bessette.

“The block party was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had here at RWU,” said freshman Sarah von der Linde. “It definitely brought the whole school closer together.”

Between amusement rides such as the Zipper, Scrambler, swings, bumper cars, and fun house, students were relatively surprised that the block party was much more than they had imagined.

“When I heard there was going to be a carnival, I had no idea they would actually create a full-on mini carnival with rides and games and food, all on our own campus.” said freshman Annie Keller.

“I was really happy and kind of amazed that everything at the carnival was completely free for students!” Keller said. “They had some super fun rides there and pretty much limitless refreshments, all you had to do was to go over to them!”

“[The carnival] was a great way to see friends that you don’t necessarily spend time with outside of class, and a great way to spend time with your closest friends. I loved it!” said freshman Hayley Peters.

Seniors especially were grateful for the opportunity of one last Spring Weekend and fun in the sun with their friends. The bittersweet idea of graduation on the horizon made it hard for some to realize their time at RWU is coming to an end.

“The block party was a great time to spend with friends for the last big event on campus and meet the last few seniors that we didn’t know,” said senior Vincent Pacifico.

“Spring Weekend has been so fun, but this was the best fun I’ve had. The carnival was so fun, and being able to see my best friend sing with her a capella group was incredible.” said senior Maria Alvarez. “I’m definitely going to miss my friends, my home for the past four years, and the memories I’ve made.”

She added, “Being able to make memories with friends doesn’t have a price!”