How to Keep Your Home Secure and Your Data Private

(StatePoint) The recent explosion of video recording devices keeps people and property more secure. From highways and byways to doorsteps and nurseries, here are a few of the many ways this technology is working for you:

• Dashcams: Gone are the days of insurance disputes around auto accidents. These days dashcams can ensure that auto insurance claims are accurate.

• Baby monitors: Parenting got easier when baby monitors incorporated video. Today’s parents have both the peace of mind that comes with keeping an eye on a sleeping child, and the freedom to relax or take care of other chores around the house.

• Home security: Home security systems allow families to check up on property while away, getting real-time feedback. Plus, their very presence can act as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

Despite the many security advantages of video recording devices, more than 75 percent of current DIY home security owners are concerned about where their data lives and who has access to their home security footage, according to a recent survey by eufy Security. More than 60 percent of survey respondents want their next home security system to save their data locally, and not on another company’s server.

Fortunately, some security companies are taking extra steps to protect consumers. For example, the eufy Video Doorbell is one security product that was specifically built to give customers control of their data. With it, your data is secured on locally stored AES encrypted drives, meaning your high-definition home security footage is safer than many other solutions on the market. 

“Household security and information security don’t need to be at odds,” says Steven Yang, CEO of eufy Security. “Before installing any home security products, learn more about where data will be stored and select only solutions that keep video footage safe.”

In today’s world of increasingly sophisticated smart home solutions, data security will need to keep pace. Luckily for consumers, solutions exist that are keeping families, property and privacy safer.